Top quality customer service is an integral aspect of business success. According to statistics, not only are returning customers far more likely to purchase your products or access your services, but it’s also much more economical to market to existing customers rather than attract new ones. Because poor customer service can have such a drastic negative effect on your business, it is important to frequently assess the quality of your efforts in this area. Here are some tips to help you accomplish this.

Obtaining Consumer Feedback

Surveys are an excellent method of obtaining feedback concerning the quality of your customer service. They offer an assessment of the level of customer satisfaction or dissatisfaction and highlight areas that require improvement. They also allow you to obtain customer input on improving your products or services. You can inexpensively add surveys to your Facebook page or website, send them out in emails, or keep them available in paper copies at your physical locations.

Make Surveys User-Friendly

To encourage customers to fill out your surveys, make them as easy to complete as possible. Be sure that they are succinct and ask only for essential information. Additionally, as an added incentive, offer discounts, prizes, or other perks to those who take the time to fill them out. A typical survey should take only a few minutes of a customer’s time. You should adapt these surveys to the specific needs of your company.

Follow Up on Responses

Obtaining feedback on surveys is only the first step to improving your customer service. You’re more likely to retain dissatisfied clients if you answer specific negative responses immediately. Avoid becoming defensive, and apologize if necessary. Watch for common complaints and address the general issues that provoked these. Follow up later on customers who reported unsatisfactory situations, and ask them if the changes you implemented have met their expectations.

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