Workplace culture is about keeping employees, keeping them happy, enhancing company productivity, and achieving quality performance. A great culture is not an exercise in “fru-fru.” As Doug Conant, Campbell Soup Company said, “To win in the marketplace, you must first win in the workplace.” And, renowned author Stephen R. Covey stated, “Always treat your employees exactly as you want them to treat your best customers.”

What is Workplace Culture and Why is it Important?

Workplace Culture is the environment that a business creates for its employees. It embodies the total atmosphere of the working space: how people work, speak, behave and work together; how people are recognized, treated and valued.

Culture has a big impact on the workplace, and it is highly important for these reasons:

  • It helps to attract and retain talented staff members. 
  • It drives employee engagement. 
  • It creates a positive environment where employees can develop in healthy ways. 
  • It results in satisfied employees and enhances their productivity 
  • It drives improved company financial performance.  

Tips for Improving Your Workplace Culture

Strong and positive workplace culture can be improved (or created) using these tips:

  • Embrace transparency so that employees know clearly what is going on. 
  • Recognize and reward meaningful team member contributions. 
  • Cultivate and support positive and strong coworker relationships through team building. Foster good co-working by making sure that workers “collide” in their daily work efforts (rather than being siloed.) Promote a team atmosphere. 
  • Don’t micromanage employees. Inspire and empower each employee’s best efforts. 
  • Give employees some flexibility in routines and schedules. 
  • Communicate the purposes and goals of the business. 
  • Regularly solicit and provide feedback. 
  • Establish core values for the business and stick to them.  

It takes consistency and resolve to create a great workplace culture.

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