Innovation is crucial to success in today’s fast-paced, constantly changing business world. Some think that innovation is an innate quality that certain people are just born with. Not true! Innovation is a skill that can be learned and developed. Here’s how to become an innovator.

Innovation for Business Success

To develop an innovation mindset:

  • Be open to change: Innovation requires change, so you need to be ready to accept and champion change in your business processes–and even in your business model. Today businesses can and do, turn on a dime. If something isn’t working, innovate. If something IS working, innovate to make it better.
  • Be observant: Carefully study the world around you for innovative ideas and inspiration. Did something work at a similar company? Try that idea at your business. Did another company fail at something, but you see what went wrong? Perhaps you see a simple fix that would make the idea work for a terrific profit, or to open up a new market. Adapt ideas to innovate.
  • Never accept that the status quo is just fine: Always strive for more and better business. Keep your eyes open for new ideas and tools that you can adapt and use for your business. Even if the tools were designed for competitors or for a completely different industry. With your open, innovation mindset, you can see how to re-purpose or refine the best ideas–from your own mind or from the marketplace around you. You can find creative ways to make your ideas happen, by considering alternative funding options, for example.
  • Create a culture of innovation: Never quash innovation. If innovation is rewarded and prized at your company, you will get more of it. Encourage your staff and business partners to constantly innovate. Over time, you can refine your business practices to a fine point. You can become ultra-efficient and unbelievably accurate. Productivity can soar beyond your wildest dreams. Get into the habit of saying yes. Don’t quash new ideas before you’ve fully considered them. Let your staff pitch you on their new ideas. Try the ideas if the cost is acceptable. Take a big chance now and then, if your gut or research (or a subject matter expert) tells you to go for it. 

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