Applying for a small business loan can be a crucial step toward achieving business growth, or toward managing your cash flow issues much more effectively. For that reason, it’s a important that you take it seriously and do everything possible to increase your chances for approval by whatever lender you are applying to. Here are the steps you should follow when applying for a small business loan.

Preliminary Steps

Before doing anything else, you should sit down and think about why it is that you really need a small business loan, and how much money you will need to achieve your objective. Any bank or other traditional lender will ask you these questions, so you should have a clear concept in your mind of what it is you need the money for and how much you need. Then you should prepare all the necessary paperwork, for instance the business plan, documentation on your credit history, balance sheets and other important business documents, and possibly several years of tax returns.

Actionable Steps

Now that you’ve reached this point, you should calculate how much you can afford as a monthly payment, assuming that some lender is willing to advance you the amount you need. If you are not particularly good at math, there are lots of online calculators that can help you. Whenever you’re working with a particular lender, you should determine if you meet their qualifications in order to be eligible for a small business loan.

If you’re pretty much on target, then it’s worth your while to apply, otherwise you might as well spare yourself the effort. Now it’s time to choose the right loan for your business, and this will be based on what you are using the money for, and how much needs to be paid back each month. You should also consider whether or not specific lenders are the right type for you to be working with, which is a much better approach than simply accepting any lender who will approve your request.

At this point, you are ready to apply for your small business loan, and keep your fingers crossed about the result.

Does Your Company Need a Small Business Loan? 

At Affinity Capital Lending, we try our best to help the small businesses of this country, recognizing that they’re the backbone of our commercial system. If your company would be helped by a small business loan, contact us today so we can review some options with you.