Being an entrepreneur usually leads to a busy lifestyle, which leaves many small business owners wondering how to get more done each day. If you’re one of them, keep reading for several productivity-boosting strategies.

Be Sure to Delegate

Though it may not be possible right at the outset, it is important for small business owners to learn to delegate as they hire employees. If you’re not sure how to start delegating, The Balance’s Alyssa Gregory recommends passing off tasks that do not require your personal involvement first.

Track Your Time

Tracking your time may feel annoying in the present, but it can be an invaluable tool for scheduling in the future. For example, if you learn that a certain task takes three hours, then you’ll know to set aside three hours the next time that task comes around.

Micromanage Less

Micromanagement is a way to waste your time as well as that of your employees. It’s important to be sure that your employees are performing quality work, but as long as they are delivering, a hands-off approach can let them thrive and free up your energy. Save intensive, hands-on feedback for when an employee’s performance is slipping.

Focus on One Task at a Time

Small business owners often feel tempted to multitask because of the myriad activities they’re in charge of. However, multitasking typically makes people worse at the activities they are attempting, and it can also feed stress and anxiety. Focus on knocking out one task at a time and enjoy the sense of accomplishment as you complete each one.

Don’t Forget Breaks

Like multitasking, putting in long, continuous hours may seem productive at first, but in the long term, breaks are essential to remaining productive. Even breaks as short as 10 minutes can help you regain your focus on a task.

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