Keeping your customers happy is essential for any business. A satisfied customer is more likely to make a purchase, and they may also have a cascading positive effect by giving glowing reviews to people they know. Keep reading for several customer service tips to keep your customers satisfied.

Start and End Interactions Well

The beginning and ending of interactions with customers are critical. This goes for all forms of communication with customers as well as their interactions with your business’s website and physical space. For example, a clean, welcoming storefront free of trash and clutter is a good way to leave a positive impression when customers are both entering and leaving your space.

Consider Transactions

Positive transactions are another way to build strong customer service. Take time to think about what customers will expect from your business. For example, a shoe store will likely make more sales and have happier customers if employees are available to answer questions about sizes and stock.

Be Trustworthy

When it comes to customer service, trustworthiness is one of the most important qualities a business can have. This means delivering on promises you make to customers. Perhaps more importantly, it also means not making promises you can’t keep. If you promise something but fail to deliver it, the customer will feel swindled, so keep your promises reasonable. As one contributor puts it, “Keeping five smaller promises is far better than keeping four and breaking one.”

Don’t Be Afraid to Apologize

Even the best businesses have customer service failures from time to time. When you fall short of a customer’s expectations, it’s OK to apologize. Feel free to explain what went wrong in the interest of transparency, but also make sure to take responsibility for the failure. This can be a way to keep a customer instead of burning a relationship for the sake of not taking blame.

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