Registering a trademark for your business could help in protecting your ideas or products from being used without permission. While you may have some idea of what you should learn before you register, other important details might not occur to you. Knowing the following 8 points could be helpful as you prepare to register a trademark.

1. Fundamentals

You might first need to clarify what, exactly, a trademark is: It may be a design, a word, or a phrase used to identify the source responsible for it. A business logo can be a trademark. Even a sound, a scent, or a color can be registered as legally distinguishable from others. The owner retains exclusivity with regard to using it once it’s been registered.

2. Testing

In order to register an item as unique, it must actually stand apart from others in its class. You will need to be sure that your chosen designation has not already been taken by someone else.

3. General Tone

Yours must also not be presented in such a way that it might seem too similar to a trademarked item that has already been established. This restriction can even apply to words or other factors that are different, but that sound very similar overall.

4. Sales Focus

You might be allowed to use a phrase that sounds similar to another, in some cases. The exception may be made if the two respective businesses cater to starkly different needs or demographics.

5. Goods and Services

As a matter of rule, goods and services fall under certain categories. A business might offer one category initially and later, branch out to offer additional categories.

6. Location

Generally, it is best to keep similar trademarks apart in terms of geography. The farther away from that two similar items are from each other, the better it is for everyone involved.

7. Mark Strength

You will have a better chance of having a successful registration if what you are offering is deemed strong. You may wish to research the competition beforehand.

8. Scope

The scope of the purchase decision will also have an impact on the success of a registered item. The more different the uses from each other, the better it may be for the items’ owners.

Registering a trademark may seem intimidating, but doing your research will help. If you need help financing a project for your trademarked business, contact Affinity Capital Funding.