Managing people can be a difficult task, especially if you are new at it. While a lot of the success comes from learning what kind of leadership your team needs, there are things you can do to make it easier.

1. Listen early and often.

Listening is an important part of management and leadership. However, it is about more than hearing and responding to what is said to you in a management situation. Along with hearing when people speak to you, listening is about keeping an open mind and being willing to entertain new ideas presented by team members.

2. Separate personal and organizational.

Managers typically deal with two types of problems in the workplace: organizational and personal. Knowing the difference between these two types of problems can help you respond to them appropriately so that things continue to operate smoothly.

3. Remember: each employee has a purpose.

Along with each employee having a purpose on the team, each employee has a personal purpose for being at the company. When you recognize why they are dedicated to the organization and its work, it is easier to guide employees in the right direction.

4. Remember: praise and criticism go hand-in-hand.

Constructive criticism is important to help employees improve. However, positive reinforcement (praise) is just as important to help keep employees on the right track. If all they hear from a manager is criticism, it may be difficult to feel they are doing anything right.

5. Ask employees “Is there anything else?”

Ending meetings and conversations with “Is there anything else?” gives your team members the chance to address concerns, questions, or thoughts they have as a result of the current conversation. It also shows that you want to make sure that everything is covered before ending the conversation.

6. Don’t wait for problems to check-in.

If you only check in with your team when there are problems, they may think they can only come to you when there is something they cannot handle on their own. Checking in more regularly allows you to keep updated on how things are going, they can get feedback on minor issues if they need it, and they know you are there for them, even if they are not facing a big problem.

Whether you are new to management or are looking for a way to improve your skills, these tips can help you be the successful leader your organization needs.